Best URF Champions in League Of Legends Season 9.

4 Best URF Champions to Play (Season 9)

Here's a little post about four of the best URF champions in League Of Legends! If you haven't played URF for awhile or if you're...
Advanced Yasuo tips and tricks to know in League Of Legends.

4 Advanced Yasuo Tips and Tricks to Know (Season 9)

Yasuo is the kind of champion in-game that can turn out to be either absolutely useless or a frightening monster. He's similar to Thresh,...
Pet the Pup at the Party videogame.

Dog Petting Game: Pet the Pup at the Party

Pet the Pup at the Party is a simple and cute little dog petting game available for free on It was created by...
Here are the best Champions to carry low ELO in League Of Legends.

5 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO (Season 9)

League Of Legends sucks when you can't find a comfortable and powerful champion to carry with. Some champions require superb mechanics such as Velkoz, Ezreal,...
Learn to carry low elo League Of Legends with 9 tips and tricks.

9 Tips to Carry Low ELO Like a Beast (Season 9)

Do you want to know my tips and tricks on how to carry low ELO in League Of Legends like an absolute beast? Here's my...
Learn to Powerlevel in League Of Legends.

Fastest Way to Level 30 in League Of Legends [Ultimate Guide]

What's your personal dislike about League Of Legends? For many, it might be laning against unbalanced champions. For instance, Irelia, Kai'Sa, or Nami (Nami is...


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