About LawzConnected

Hey there, my name is Ford and I am the proud sole owner of LawzConnected.com.

LawzConnected is a fresh blog I am extremely excited on planning to build upon for years to come; topics and posts published will revolve around the quickly growing and booming gaming industry.

I’ll be shooting out a massive variety of different posts such as tips-and-tricks, in-depth guides, easy to follow tutorials, and plenty more.

Not to mention a variety of video-game genres not excluding first-person shooters, multiplayer battle arenas, massively online multiplayer games, open world, and countless others.

In the meantime, I’ll be focusing on League Of Legends as it’s currently my favorite game. What do I love about the game? Everything, except for the community.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some cool people; however, there are also lots of very toxic mofos out there.

Anyways, I hope you got a good glimpse about what LawzConnected is all about and the bright future of the website.


Ford Lawz is a student addicted to videogames. He has been a frequent League Of Legends player ever since Season 4. He is hardstuck Diamond and probably has no chance of escaping. Ford lives in Toronto, Ontario.