Here are the best Champions to carry low ELO in League Of Legends.

League Of Legends sucks when you can’t find a comfortable and powerful champion to carry with.

Some champions require superb mechanics such as Velkoz, Ezreal, Xerath, Draven, and Thresh. Several others just aren’t strong enough to solo carry games like Ryze, Camille, Shen, and Trundle.

Simple and capable champions are what you need right now. In this post, I will list the 5 best champions to carry low ELO like an absolute smurf in Season 9!

These champions have played a big role in helping me get out of low ELO long ago, and i’m sure they can do the same for you!

Champions to Carry Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum

Annie (Mid)

I know sometimes Annie is recommend as a meme to low ELO players because of the simplicity of her skills. But you should never underestimate her in-game.

Annie is a frightening mage with high-burst damage and area-of-effect (AOE) abilities. If you face-check and see an enemy Annie, prepare for death.

TiltShades created a high-quality Annie guide on her play-style, ability combos, laning phase, trading, etc. This is a great video for absolute beginners in League Of Legends.

Here is an overview of Annie’s abilities:

Pyromania (Passive): Annie stuns enemies with her next offensive ability, after using 4 abilities.

Disintegrate (Q): Annie shoots out a fireball to a single target, dealing magic damage.

Incinerate (W): Annie throws produces a cone of flames, dealing magic damage to enemies in range.

Molten Shield (E): It is a fiery defensive skill that lasts for a short duration. Annie gains percentage damage reduction and it hurts enemies who auto-attack her.

Summoner: Tibbers (R) Annie summons Tibbers onto the battlefield and it deals massive AOE magic damage straight away. Moreover, Annie can control Tibbers to attack nearby enemies for the next 45 seconds.

My reasons why Annie is a perfect champion for carrying in low ELO

  • Annie has straightforward abilities that are easy to adapt and understand.
  • Disintegrate (Q) makes farming effortless.
  • Annie’s high-burst damage is usually ignored in low ELO.

Twitch (ADC)

Twitch is sometimes extremely annoying to go against because he’s able to camouflage. For this reason, Twitch makes assassinating and picking off champions seem simple.

This happened during a recent match against an enemy Twitch:

I was peacefully farming enemy minions botlane, and I start recalling to complete my Infinity Edge.

One second later, Twitch suddenly appears in front of me and obliterates me with 3 auto-attacks. In result, the enemy team was able to capitalize by taking a free Baron.

This is just one of the many examples that shows how powerful Twitch’s invisibility is.

Noxro created a comprehensive and simple Twitch guide. I highly recommend this for complete beginners.

Here is an overview of Twitch’s abilities:

Deadly Venom (Passive): Auto-attacks have a burn-like effect that deal true damage per second.

Ambush (Q): Twitch camouflages for a short duration, and gains attack-speed upon revealing himself.

Venom Mask (W): Twitch throws a cask of poison that covers a small area. Furthermore, enemies are slowed and poisoned upon contact.

Contaminate (E): Twitch further damages poisoned enemies within range upon activation.

Spray and Pray (R): Twitch gains extra auto-attack range and damage for a couple seconds.

My Reasons why Twitch is great in low ELO

  • Twitch is an expert at picking off stray enemies. As a result, your team can force favored teamfights, take objectives, or even end the match.
  • Twitch thrives in low ELO because players don’t often group together.
  • Twitch can use Ambush (Q) to escape dire situations.

Sion (Top)

Sion is an absolute unit. What else is there to say?

But in all seriousness, Sion is one of the most tankiest champions in the game. You can forget about killing him late-game because it would usually take 3 players to do so.

JaySea has a thorough analysis on Korea’s best Sion player. Although, the runes and build may be outdated as the video was published many months ago.

Nevertheless, it is definitely still worth the watch.

Here is an overview of Sion’s abilities:

Glory in Death (Passive): After dying, Sion comes back from the dead for a short duration. Consequently, he gains a huge boost of attack speed and lifesteal during that time.

Decimating Smash (Q): Sion charges and slams his axe, dealing damage to all enemies in range.

Soul Furnace (W): Sion shields himself. It explodes upon reactivation, and hurts enemies nearby.

Roar of The Slayer (E): Sion produces a small shockwave that damages enemies in the way.

Unstoppable Onslaught (R): Sion charges in one direction and builds up momentum overtime. Upon collision, he hurts and stuns enemies nearby.

Why Sion is a good choice for low ELO

  • Sion’s Glory in Death (Passive) is usually underestimated in low ELO.
  • Sion’s skills are simple to understand.
  • Sion wins most top lane matchups.

Warwick (Jungle)

Warwick is the solution for players struggling in the Jungle. I promise, you will never die again killing those pesky raptors.

Virkayu has created one of the best Warwick guides on YouTube. However, similarly to the Sion video, the runes and build may be outdated.

Here’s an overview of Warwick’s kit:

Eternal Hunger (Passive): Warwick’s auto-attacks deal bonus magic damage. In addition, Warwick heals below 50% HP, and the healing increases below 25% HP.

Jaws of The Beast (Q): Warwick bites an enemy, dealing damage and gaining health at the same time.

Blood Hunt (W): Warwick smells enemies that have low health. Furthermore, his movement speed and attack speed increases towards them.

Primal Howl (E): Warwick gains damage reduction for a short period. Upon reactivation, nearby enemies flee.

Infinite Duress (R): Warwick lunges and suppresses an enemy for about 1.5 seconds. Warwick deals magic damage and gains health during that period.

Why I strongly believe Warwick is fantastic for low ELO:

  • It’s almost impossible to die to jungle camps.
  • Warwick’s Blood Hunt (W) easily punishes players who overstay.
  • Warwick’s ganks are made simple with Jaws of The Beast (Q) and Primal Howl (E). You don’t necessarily need to even use Infinite Duress (R).

Sona (Support)

Want to randomly smash buttons but still apply massive amounts of lane pressure? Sona is the champion perfect for you!

Noxro has a nicely made guide explaining Sona’s teamfighting, lane matchups, laning phase, skill order, etc.

Here is an overview of Sona’s abilities:

Power Chord (Passive): After using 3 abilities, Sona’s next ability does bonus magic damage.

Hymn of Valor (Q): Sona fires out two shots of sound, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Aria of Perseverance (W): Sona heals herself and wounded allies. In addition, Sona and nearby allies are given a shield for a short duration.

Song of Celerity (E): Sona and surrounding allies gain movement speed for awhile.

Crescendo (R): Sona produces a massive chord, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies in the area.

Why Sona is one of the best Supports in low ELO

  • Aria of Perseverance (W) provides great sustain.
  • Power Chord (Passive) and Hymn of Valor (Q) provide lots of disgusting harass.
  • Crescendo (R) can be a total game changer during teamfights.

The Takeaway

If you haven’t had the chance to try these champions yet, I highly recommend you do so right away. It might help you get out of low ELO, and it might not help at all.

Everybody is unique, and you shouldn’t get discouraged if these champions feel uncomfortable to play.

Here’s what I suggest if you’ve been stuck in low ELO for awhile:

Sacrifice some time to try these champions out in normal matches.

If you feel comfortable with any of them, that’s good news! If you don’t like any of them, there are still many other champions available.

The sad news is that it can get exhausting when you can’t find that one special champion. But when you do, it makes everything worth it.



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