Learn to carry low elo League Of Legends with 9 tips and tricks.

Do you want to know my tips and tricks on how to carry low ELO in League Of Legends like an absolute beast?

Here’s my definition of low ELO:

Tiers such as Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron are low ELO.

This isn’t just a random belief formed. There are statistics everywhere revealing the League Of Legends tier distribution.

  • TIP #1: Take Advantage of Assassin Champions
  • TIP #2: The Secret Mute Functions
  • TIP #3: Helpful League Of Legends Websites
  • TIP #4: Watch and Learn
  • TIP #5: Use The Most Optimal Settings
  • TIP #6: Control Minion Waves Like a Pro!
  • TIP #7: Follow League Of Legends Patch Notes
  • TIP #8: To Duo or Not to Duo?
  • TIP #9: Spam Ranked Games
  • Its a League Of Legends rank distribution pie chart. In the game, 29.26% are Gold; 44.56% are Silver; 8.24% are Platinum; 12.86% are Bronze; 2.84% are Iron; 2.18% are Diamond; 0.03% are Masters; 0.03% are Grand Masters; then lastly, 0.01% are Challenger.

    Learn to Climb Low Elo Smoothly in Season 9

    TIP #1: Take Advantage of Assassin Champions

    Is it just me or do you notice that so many low ELO players forget to place wards? This includes Control Wards, Stealth Wards, Farsight Wards, and even Totem Wards!

    And they act surprised in chat when a wild Rengar or Zed abruptly one-shots them. Of course, there is barely any vision on the map!

    League Of Legends vision wards or pink wards. These are used to provide vision on the map.

    Some might say it’s a little dirty, however you can take full advantage of this weakness by playing assassin-like champions.

    Assassins are able to display their high mobility and burst kits effectively in a vision-less Summoners Rift.

    The League Of Legends minimap.

    What are a couple simple and incredibly strong assassin-like/high-burst champions for every role?


    • Rengar
    • Talon
    • Akali
    • Ekko


    • Kha’zix
    • Rengar
    • Shaco
    • Master Yi
    • Nocturne
    • Kayn


    • Talon
    • Akali
    • Annie
    • Zed
    • Ekko


    • Twitch
    • Quinn


    • Pyke
    • Annie

    TIP #2: The Secret Mute Functions!?

    In League Of Legends (or even gaming in general), there will always be instances where you meet toxic and disturbing individuals. Do not give in to their provocations, and mute them as soon as possible.

    Spending too much time aggressively typing comebacks in chat results in loss of focus, tempo, and performance. Train a powerful mentality and it will be difficult to get tilted or offended.

    Using the Mute functions on toxic teammates on enemy players.

    The image above might help in-case you forgot there was a mute function installed. To be honest, from time to time even I forget about these little buttons.

    TIP #3: Helpful League Of Legends Websites

    You might have used OP.GG before if you have been playing League Of Legends for a while. You can’t deny that it is a fantastic website for statistics and player data.

    However, don’t forget that there are many other similar websites just like it! My most often used website for champion builds and guides is CHAMPION.GG.

    For example:

    Let’s take a look at what CHAMPION.GG says about Draven.

    It shows the most frequent skill orders, most frequent completed builds, most frequent starters, highest winrate completed builds, etc.

    Most common and oftenly bought items for Draven in ADC.

    Moreover, it reveals Draven’s win-rate, play-rate, ban-rate, playerbase average games played, average gold earned, graphs, etc.

    Draven statistics as an ADC.

    Of course, the most frequent runes and highest win-rate runes are shown as well. Although, I often only follow the most frequent runes.

    Most frequent used runes for Draven as an ADC.

    What I especially appreciate are the counterpicks CHAMPION.GG gives. This is incredibly helpful during Champion Select, and it also generally gives you an idea of how matchups play out.

    All of Draven's matchups, counterpicks, and synergy supports.

    TIP #4: Watch and Learn

    Have you been stuck in Bronze, Silver, or Gold for more than a season? Then I think it might be best putting in some time watching informative League Of Legends videos.

    To be the best, you have to learn from the best. That’s why I first recommend trying out a couple of Skill-Capped’s guides on YouTube.

    Skill-Capped is a known and reputable source with about 300,000 Subscribers. Moreover, they are partnered by hundreds of Challenger players such as Imaqtpie, Voyboy, and Valkrin.

    I haven’t ever tried Skill-Capped’s paid services, therefore I can’t say anything regarding that. But I find the content they publish on their YouTube Channel definitely more than enough.

    TIP #5: Use The Most Optimal Settings

    Using comfortable and efficient settings is vital to perform at your peak. In my early experiences playing League Of Legends, I felt uncomfortable using the default hotkeys and interface. I spent time tweaking it a bit, and right away the difference was massive.

    I suggest watching KingStix’s video if you’re having difficulties setting up your own settings and hotkeys. Also, you don’t have to copy every single thing he does as everyone is different.

    TIP #6: Control Minion Waves Like a Pro!

    Fully understanding the fundamentals of minion wave manipulation will put you ahead of most players below Diamond. That’s how important proper minion wave control is.

    About a year ago I found a comprehensive guide on this topic covered by the Blitz LoL YouTube Channel. Don’t worry, just because it was uploaded a year ago doesn’t make it irrelevant.

    Knowing minion control can create favorable situations for you and your teammates. It is an imperative aspect to climbing the ladder.

    TIP #7: Follow League Of Legends Patch Notes

    It’s crucial following patch notes so you’re updated with changes Riot does to champions, items, runes, and Summoner’s Rift. I can’t tell you the amount of games I have lost just because I was out of the loop.

    For example:

    Let’s talk about patch 9.2.

    My first game on patch 9.2 was on Rakan, and I was absolutely mind blown using (W) Grand Entrance.

    It was disgustingly slow, and I knew right there it was nerfed. I regretted just carelessly skimming the patch before the game, and it basically costed me the match.

    Rakan's nerfs on patch 9.2.

    TIP #8: To Duo or Not to Duo?

    My first season playing League Of Legends mainly consisted of ranking with my friends. It created a lot of good memories, but also stacked losses upon losses. For me, I perform better playing by myself rather than with other people.

    Here’s a little test for players that mainly duo queue:

    Play 10 ranked games all by yourself.

    If you lose more than you win, duoing may have done more harm than good.

    TIP #9: Spam Ranked Games

    This is one of the most basic tips told everywhere, but many players don’t apply it. If you want to improve in League Of Legends, what’s better than intense and clown fiesta ranked games?

    For example:

    I have a friend stuck in low Gold, and he constantly complains about the usual “elo hell” and whatnot.

    The problem is…he barely plays and he isn’t putting enough time. To give you an idea, he plays about 5 or 4 ranked games per week?

    That’s far from enough if your goal is to drastically improve. Play atleast one ranked game everyday and you will notice improvements.


    Many people make low-elo sound like some “hell” that only a few lucky players can get out of. However, I promise that even you can effortlessly carry low-elo games if you follow these tips regularly.


    • Take advantage of assassin-like champions.
    • Don’t feed the trolls, and simply use the mute functions.
    • Get used to using websites such as CHAMPION.GG and U.GG.
    • Try studying informative League Of Legends sources such as Skill-Capped.
    • Are you sure you’re using the most optimal settings?
    • Know the fundamentals of minion wave control.
    • Follow patch note updates.
    • Don’t get used to duoing, and put in some solo games as well.
    • Keep on spamming ranked games.

    I would really appreciate it if you shared my post if you found it helpful. Moreover, don’t forget to comment down below if you have suggestions or anything. In the meantime, take good care of yourselves!


    1. Incredibly detailed and valuable article,i can’t exactly agree with #9 considering its easy to get tilted and go on a losing spree even when you don’t feel like you are tilted you will most likely end up playing worse.


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