Searching for entertaining and informational League Of Legends YouTubers that fill your needs?

You’re probably tired of typical League Of Legends channels. Want to discover high quality options?

It could be for the purpose of entertainment, education, guides, or anything whatsoever.

Whatever the case is, don’t fret worried one — I’ve got your back.

Here is my personal list of the best five League Of Legends YouTubers that give the high quality content you deserve.

Here are top League Of Legends YouTube Channels you must watch

Beyond The Rift: Talk Show

Beyond The Rift is a superb League Of Legends talk show streamed on every week (Friday).

Each episode usually lasts around one to two hours, giving you hours of high quality content to enjoy and savor.

Various community topics and ideas are thoroughly discussed and shared. So if you’re finding a topic boring, don’t worry as they move on to the next quickly.

We can’t forget about the hosts.

Beyond The Rift is hosted by two lovely and hilarious known members of the League Of Legends community (Imaqtpie and Scarra). Personally, I’m rarely bored of their streams because they have entertaining personalities.

Not to mention, there’s always a featured special guest with every episode. It’s something exciting to look forward too.

Notable Special Guests Include..


He’s a former pro-gamer of many game titles, and used to do coaching. Not to mention, he’s also a Master Tier League Of Legends player in Korea.


This guy’s a personal favorite of mine as I have been watching his streams for more than two years (permanently banned btw). Known for his unique and entertaining personality, Tyler1 is one of the most watched streamers on the platform.


Another personal favorite. I always look forward to his professional matches, no matter what LCS team he’s on. Im also happy to say that his YouTube Channel is booming by the way.

There were many other awesome guests that made appearances, but you get my point by now.

Blitz Esports LoL: Guides

Hello, and welcome to the holy grail of high quality League Of Legends guides/tips.

If you’re a player striving to advance your League Of Legends prowess and knowledge, then I must say that Blitz Esports is your go to channel.

But hey, what kinds of videos should you expect?

  • Interviews
  • Guides
  • Tactics
  • Patch note summaries
  • High quality informational and entertaining videos

Why don’t you take a moment to watch this guide on minion wave control:

Being a casual and frequent League Of Legends player, I always appreciate useful tips that help me become better.

If you’re the same as me, I don’t see why not take advantage of this knowledge Blitz Esports LoL provides. I guarantee you’ll improve your overall game knowledge after watching a couple videos.

Try skimming through their upload playlist, and you’ll understand why I regard this YouTube channel highly.

Travis Gafford: Interviews

If you’re looking for a League Of Legends personality who focuses on high quality and compelling interviews, Travis Gafford won’t let you down.

Travis lives in Los Angeles, where he films his videos on the videogame industry. Mostly focusing on League Of Legends (of course).

I think I’m forgetting something..

..oh yeah, he also hosts a talk show called Hotline League. Hotline League is similar to Beyond The Rift, but shifts more towards the pro-scene of League Of Legends.

What’s pretty neat about Hotline League is they take in viewer calls during the show. Viewers can ask questions or give their opinions about a topic.

To be quite honest, I don’t watch much of Hotline League; you can say I never really tuned into the streams.

However, you can always find me watching Travis’s interviews. Some good damn stuff to listen to.

Here is one of my favorite interviews. I’m still a bit sad about Team Liquid not making semi-finals for this Worlds.

EDIT: I’m all good though because Cloud 9 made it into semi-finals! Finally an NA team that gets out of quarter-finals. I’m happy.

iFunzio: Compilations

Hey you, forget about other typical League Of Legends twitch compilation channels and take a good look at iFunzio.

Wait what? Not Synapse?

Synapse is great as well, but I can’t have two channels of the same type listed (sorry!).

Anyhow, take a peek at one of iFunzio’s videos and I’ll let you decide.

If you’ve been playing League for awhile now, you’ve probably seen a bunch of League Of Legends compilation videos on YouTube already.

You know, those funny fail highlights, and the 1v5 yasuo outplays? You get it.

But what makes iFunzio different from the rest? Well, not a whole lot.

It’s a compilation channel, there aren’t really many ways to differentiate itself from other ones.

Despite that, there are a couple reasons why I prefer iFunzio..

Upload Schedule

You can always expect a new upload every single day, no questions asked. This channel used to rarely upload, but for awhile now it’s been shooting out videos daily.

No Clickbait

Well, I can’t really say no clickbait, as there is a bit in both titles and thumbnails. It’s just not as annoyingly exaggerated as other channels do it.

You know, the ones that put up extremely colorful thumbnails to catch attention. What’s worse are the ones with girl streamers bending down, or emphasizing breasts and whatnot.


Okay, I know.

Im bring up transitions like it’s such an important thing, but it kind of is. I’m the type of guy who appreciates even the little things people put their effort in.

Transitions may not be a big deal, but nobody does it like iFunzio. You know, the titles before the clips and the little *swoosh* sound.

Ok, I’m done.


Each video has a unique outro with a big game highlight and some music build up in the background; it’s pretty neat.

There are a few more, but those are minor details not worth mentioning.

Sure, in the end, iFunzio is fundamentally not different from any other compilation channel; however, I enjoy his work, and I hope he continues on producing videos.

IWDominate: Entertainment

For the fifth YouTube channel, I was a bit hard pressed on who to choose; but, I decided to go with IWDominate.

“Why is this toxic mofo a part of this list?” is probably what you’re thinking.

Well, who isn’t a toxic piece of trash when playing video games? I know I’ve had my share of raging outbursts, and I believe you do to.

But let’s forget about all that negative stuff, and move on to what’s so great about his channel.

Jungle Guides

IWDominate has been a consistent high elo jungler for many seasons now, thus all his guides make for great learning opportunities.

He even made a video specifically for me, thanks Dom.

Here’s what I learned and noticed:

  • Warwick is great for low elo because enemies are usually low on health.
  • The best skill setup is 3 points in W, E max, then Q max.
  • Don’t be afraid to use flash to make a play (believe in your skills, otherwise you’re a pussy).
  • Look around the map as you do jungle camps.
  • You can’t be CC’d if you attach Warwick ult.
  • Make opposing bot lane suffer by ganking and putting constant pressure.
  • Ping where the enemy jungler is to let your laners know.
  • One of warwick’s biggest flaws is taking down turrets.

I most likely missed many important points, but I’ll let you guys find them yourselves.

Twitch Highlights

Although not as much as his informational videos, I do watch a lot of his Twitch highlight videos.

Why don’t I just go to channels such as Imaqtpie, or Yassuo for Twitch highlights? I’ve seen too many of their videos; got a bit tired of the same stuff. Their videos are great, but I need some mixup from time to time.

That’s when I go to IWDominate to see some..

  • Clean editing? ✔
  • Hilarious toxic moments? ✔
  • Quality educational content? ✔


Now you know five incredible League Of Legends YouTube channels, whatcha going to do?

You already know the answer.

Moving on, I know there are many other fantastic League channels out there, such as Tyler1, Yassuo, Doublelift, Tobias Fate, and a couple more. I love their content as well, but I want to avoid having a list too long.

Give me your list of most watched League Of Legends YouTube channels in the comments. I’ll be sure to check, and answer them.


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