Advanced Yasuo tips and tricks to know in League Of Legends.

Yasuo is the kind of champion in-game that can turn out to be either absolutely useless or a frightening monster. He’s similar to Thresh, Zed, Ezreal, and Lee Sin in that sense.

That’s why if you intend to up your Yasuo game, you’re going to need to know these important tips and tricks.

What I will talk about in this post:

  • Utilizing Sweeping Blade in the Jungle
  • Airblade
  • Windblade
  • Beyblade

Here are four of my favorite Yasuo tips and tricks that will drastically improve your gameplay.

Yasuo Tips to Remember in Season 9

Utilizing Yasuo’s Sweeping Blade in the Jungle

What is Sweeping Blade?

It’s an ability that allows Yasuo to dash through enemy targets such as champions, minions, or jungle monsters.

One of Yasuo’s advanced techniques includes utilizing Sweeping Blade on jungle monsters in a way that allows you to past through jungle obstacles.

Yasuicide has an insane wall dashing montage, and he smoothly displays the full potential of Sweeping Blade. After watching this, you’re going to WANT to try it.

What are some pros of wall dashing?

  • Wall dashing looks cool and flashy
  • Additional mobility in the jungle
  • Allows for creative playmaking

What are the cons?

  • Incredibly difficult to master the skill

Vesuvia explains the fundamentals of wall dashing in here. Although it was uploaded during Season 7, it’s still relevant.

The Airblade Technique

How to do it?

Steel Tempest (Q) > Steel Tempest (Q) > Whirlwind (Q) > Sweeping Blade (E) + Steel Tempest (Q) > Last Breath (R)

What to know when performing the Airblade:

  • Steel Tempest cooldown has to be atleast down to 1.6 seconds or it will be too late to activate Last Breath
  • Airblade can only be done from a moderate to far range
  • You can easily get another Whirlwind off due to already stacking a Steel Tempest during an Airblade

The Windblade Technique

How to do it?

Wind Wall (W) > Sweeping Blade (E) + Steel Tempest (Q)

Make the Windblade more interesting by stacking Steel Tempest first and using Last Breath in the end.

It will proceed like this:

Steel Tempest (Q) > Steel Tempest (Q) > Wind Wall (W) > Sweeping Blade (E) + Steel Tempest (Q) > Auto Attack > Last Breath (R)

You can really play around with these techniques and that is one of the main reasons why I love Yasuo.

The Beyblade Technique

The Beyblade is one of Yasuo’s easiest techniques and it is flashy as well!

It is fantastic for surprise kills and assassinations.

How to do it?

Steel Tempest (Q) > Steel Tempest (Q) > Sweeping Blade (E) + Steel Tempest (Q) + Flash > Last Breath (R)

The Takeaway

It is crucial to learn the walldash, Beyblade, Airblade, and Windblade as these will prove useful in many situations.

At first, these combinations will be difficult to do, however trust me that it will definitely be worth the time in the end.

Also, don’t be afraid to add or modify these techniques in your own way after mastering them.

I hope you find these Yasuo tips and tricks valuable, and make sure to let me know what your thoughts are by commenting below.


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