Pet the Pup at the Party videogame.

Pet the Pup at the Party is a simple and cute little dog petting game available for free on It was created by William Herring, and the music was provided by Nick Dimichele.

The game takes place in a house party with a seemingly infinite amount of rooms. You don’t know anyone there, but you know there is an adorable pup that needs a good pat.

Pet the Pup at the party main menu.

What to do in Pet the Pup at the Party?

The goal is pretty straightforward:

Follow the dog arfs to find the pup before the timer runs out.

Everytime you pet a pup, you gain 30 additional seconds and another round starts right away.

There are over 50 unique dogs to discover. Moreover, the main menu has a pup gallery displaying all the dogs you pet.

Pet the Pup at the Party the good dog gallery.

The controls are straightforward as well:

WASD – Move forward, backward, left, and right.

Left Click – Interact with people, doors, and pups.

Right Click – Zoom in.

Pet the Pup at the Party controls

What I especially like are the amount of interesting rooms Pet the Pup at the Party offers.

For instance:

This is the kitchen.

Pet the Pup at the Party kitchen

The living room.

Pet the Pup at the Party living room.

The laundry area.

Pet the Pup at the Party laundry area.

The bathroom.

Pet the Pup at the Party bathroom

By the way, ignore the strangers blatantly staring at you. When you interact with them, they don’t say anything useful anyways.

Just keep in mind to listen to the dog noises from time to time. You can tell how close you are to a pup depending how loud the arfs get.

Interacting with people in Pet the Pup at the Party videogame

The Takeaway

Play this game if you’re in search of a nice little  dog petting game. Seriously, the game itself fills only 17MB of space.

Comment down below your thoughts and experiences. I would love to see what everyone thinks.


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